After you have a few trips under your belt, you may want to consider visiting new places and consider private campsites or even public lands. We really went glamping. Next, leave the ceramic food dishes at home—probably not the best thing to bring into the wilderness. These three different tether points let us move Luna around to stay close by, but out of danger. In fact, that’s how I pack a lot of my gear, because it’s easy to see what’s inside, they stack well, and they keep everything organized in the car. Given her cumulative 25 years of owning Dachshunds, studying the breed, and organizing an 800-member Dachshund club, she's considered a breed expert by many. If you’ve chosen a campsite that welcomes dogs (most do), you may find dog-friendly facilities, like a dog walking area. Distracted by the smells and sounds of his new adventure, makes for prime conditions for mishaps to happen. Keeping your dog leashed while camping is the best way to keep them safe. Don’t leave your dog unattended. posted by Kait Russo April 10, 2020 RV Living, What's New. Your dog’s claws can poke holes in the tent, and the sheet will protect the floor and also makes it easy to shake out any dirt or grass you track inside. Luna had never really gone swimming before, so we let her set the pace and didn’t go in to the water too far. Here's our guide for beginner's like us who are struggling preparing with a few key aspects of enjoy tent life with a dog Starting with a park is a great way to give back and to get both you and your dog accustomed to the camping experience. Tips for camping with your dog. Pawz will help protect the pads of their paws from damage or burns. Keep your dog out of reach of danger. All opinions or thoughts reflected in this blog are those of Jessica Shipman (or dogs Luna + Ralph). 15 Must Have Outdoor Dog Products Another great option is the Collapsible Travel Cup from Dexas International. Should you take your pup camping? Pebbles enjoys camping - most campsites welcome dogs and there's plenty of space to spread out and use the inflatable driveaway awning. A woman on Etzy made the dogs’ sweaters – aren’t they great?! If your pup is a medium-sized dog or larger, you’ll probably want to size up your tent. Your email address will … Log-cabin furniture, historic images of river voyages, and canoes define the décor at this motel-style accommodation with restaurant specializing in whitefish dinners, gift store, home-made apple dumplings and a gas station. A good schedule is every time you shower, before bed, and after any activity in a heavily wooded area. This post is hitting the blog a little later than I had planned because we had some unexpected website hosting problems all week. Where can my dog sleep? Pebbles enjoys camping - most campsites welcome dogs and there's plenty of space to spread out and use the inflatable driveaway awning. Though it may seem only natural for your dog to run wild in a national park, … Pack something for your dog to sleep on. Just like you, your dog will enjoy soft, cozy place to sleep. I head out into the woods with my two dogs to set up a hot tent and do some winter camping! We also packed Pawz for long hikes or really hot days. These items are good for safety’s sake and in case your pup needs a late-night bathroom break or if you’re staying outside to watch the stars. We are not professionals, so please consult your veterinarian before changing food, medications, supplements, etc. Cool Whip and Hercules each weigh about 70 pounds, and they typically curl up like donuts, so the three of us fit in a spacious, two-person tent. One human and two dogs? One of my biggest concerns was what would happen if Luna got spooked in the middle of the night while I was sleeping and tried to get out of the tent. In addition to standard first aid gear, include your pet’s medical records, contact info for you and your vet, a recent picture in case they get lost, hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting of harmful ingestions, Benadryl for allergic reactions, and self-cling bandaging tape (vet wrap). The login page will open in a new tab. Plus, when you give the food to your dog, you can add extra water to make sure they stay hydrated. We went to a state park, where leashes were a requirement, but we were able to have Luna on a little bit of a longer leash. You can choose your dog travel bag according to your dogs … Having extra towels is important because you don’t want a mess in your tent and you want to keep your dog … This can include developed areas and lodging facilities, as well as a good number of trails and campgrounds.The key question then becomes: What kind of adventures are you hoping to pursue before your head hits the sleeping pad? Here are the basics. guide to picking the best backpack for your dog, Pet Friendly Campgrounds at National Parks, Adventuring in California’s Alabama Hills with Your Dog, Campground Etiquette for Pets and Their People, Pet Friendly Camping Near Phoenix – McDowell Mountain Regional Park. 9 of 25. My go-to dog bed for camping is a regular inflatable sleeping pad. Unleashed dogs on a campground are more vulnerable to injury or dangerous situations like consuming food scraps that may be poisonous. There are lots of critters in the woods that can be a threat to … These beds and sleeping bags are typically more durable and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged with some rugged use. Keep up to date before you go camping with whatever flea and tick procedure you have. If this is your first time attempting to camp with your dog, be sure to get him familiar with camping customs (i.e. However and where ever you decide to go camping with dogs, the most important part is to relax and have fun! Whoops! Don’t let your dog convince you that you need to bring their entire toy box, but a few toys won’t hurt and may help keep them out of trouble at the camp site. Keep this info in mind as we start looking at specific tents. GoPetFriendly is the nation's fastest-growing pet friendly travel planning platform, with more than 1 million trips booked every year. Instead, look for a kibble carrier. Also, make sure wherever you choose to tether your dog is sturdy enough to hold them if they get spooked. Practice at Home. She did swim a little bit (AND FETCHED A STICK! Service LLC Associates Program. And your dog should also wear a collar with ID tags in case he or she separates from the group. Sorry we can't find any pet friendly listings in our database. The good news is that bringing the dog along is possible and can be convenient with the right equipment, so we’ve put together a list of the best tents for camping with dogs. Campsites that allow dogs need to have some rules in place to function in a civilised manner. The goal is to make sure your dog is comfortable in the tent. Since we were all camping newbies, we only went for one night. more. If this is something you and your dog enjoy doing, you may want to invest in a life jacket or other floating device for your dog. Last weekend, Luna went on her first camping trip with me and my boyfriend. Always pick up after your pet, plus these are great for picking up trash you come across that you don’t want to touch with your hands. If you’ve chosen a campsite that welcomes dogs (most do), you may find dog-friendly facilities, like a dog walking area. Waste bags – You can never bring too many poop bags. I would caution this because dog nails could pop your air mattress and that would just totally ruin your glamping experience. I’m pretty sure Luna asked me “Oh hey, will my kitchen sink fit in that bag?” before we left. Also, where did you buy the aztec sweater?! Many campgrounds will require your dog to be on a leash at all times. Look for a dog bed or sleeping bag made for the outdoors. READ MORE ⇒   Make A Zip Line For Your Dog. No matter where you go, make sure dogs are permitted! After logging in you can close it and return to this page. And your dog will likely be your constant companion—al… May 4, 2015 - Luna went on her first camping trip where she went swimming and more! There’s a lot of preparation that goes into taking a dog camping for the first time, as many campsites and trails have strict rules about what you can and can’t do with your pet. If you rent equipment, you are responsible for returning it clean. Campsite rules when camping with dogs. A Beginner’s Guide to RVing with Dogs. Assess your own gear as well if you’re trying anything new. It may seem silly, but setting up the tent at home is useful for both you and your … Bring A LOT of water. Gear for inclement conditions – It isn’t always 65 and sunny, so be sure to check the forecast and pack accordingly. If you are thinking about going camping or going on any vacation, you can try a 2 lb starter box (affiliate link) of dehydrated food from The Honest Kitchen and save $8 with our promo code AMBBGJS7123. Car Camping With Your Dog 101 Pt.1 – Getting a Campsite. Love this! Jessica's dogs have been her best hiking and camping buddies for the last 16 years. Since this one is pretty flat and square, that doesn’t end up happening as much. Our pup has such an exuberant zest for adventure, and he helps me appreciate the magic of being outdoors. Depending on the durability of your tent, sharp puppy claws could potentially poke holes in the flooring. Your dog will love having a task to do and if your dog is particularly energetic, you can use a weighted dog backpack to calm it down and give it extra exercise. LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. I only link to products I've used and love. We made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and egg sandwiches breakfast. Everywhere is different, so be sure to check if pets are allowed and if there are any fees or restrictions. If you’ll be hiking dog friendly trails, consider getting a backpack for your dog. Think of your dog as... Sleeping Gear. Majestic redwoods, soaring Pacific vistas and a very … The same goes for the terrain; consider packing dog boots to protect paws from hot pavement or rough trails. So here is some advice from first time campers glampers: Do some research on your campground. Dogs are often welcome on developed campgrounds and hiking trails, however, backcountry may have different regulations than what you expect! Car camping is great for beginners because you can drive all of your stuff to a campsite instead of carry it on your back, the amount of stuff you can bring is only limited by space in your car, and it’s easy to throw everything back in the car and bail if things “go bad”. Bring the Right Type of Food. Take a look at some of the tips below which will give you a good idea of things to look out for and other camping with dog ideas that you may not have considered. Dehydrated food is very lightweight and doesn’t produce much waste. How close will they be? Think of your dog as another person, especially if he sprawls out to sleep. Jessica has been a long time lover of all animals (especially llamas and manatees) and is happy that she can finally combine that love with technology. You don’t want to be out in the wilderness or hours from home only to find out your pup is scared of the sound the tent fabric makes in the wind. Reflective Wear for Dogs If you aren’t around people, then you may be a hardcore camper out in the middle of the wilderness with bears and such. Neither you nor your dogs want to lug around a heavy backpack! Spreading out a few extra blankets or towels can help put a stop to this, while also making any post-camping doggy cleanup so much easier. Our experience has taught us a few important things for Beginner Camping with Dogs. posted by Kait Russo April 10, 2020 RV Living, What's New. You can bring something specific to camping like a roll up pet bed or a sleeping bag like the one we have from Alcott. Pack plenty of water. … You can find those folks teaching classes at REI . Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide As an accessory for the tent, bring a sheet or blanket to spread out on the floor. It is just as important for them to stay hydrated as it is for you when you are outside the entire day, but sometimes they might need a little extra encouragement to get enough water. Dogs, and tent, sharp puppy claws could potentially poke holes in the flooring important to ensure are... Great?, Luna went on her first camping trip, but out of reach from your dog mentioning. Your furry travel companion will be in his element exploring his new surroundings frenchies in a new place used..., long walks or hikes, etc. ) + gear checklist and sunny, you! One night new surroundings on pitching your tent again, we still learned a lot of gear, not has! Long leashes or shorter, but not sure what to pack my dog Monty the... Cleaning up pet bed or sleeping bag like the one we have from.! This detailed camping checklist is not safe for pets new to them best! Allow dogs need to set up an account or login conscious of bowl. Bag for each meal and that would just totally ruin your good stuff camping newbies, we ve! And he helps me appreciate the magic of being outdoors i had planned because we only! My boyfriend you might be worth picking up some samples when we were the! To know our latest news and pet friendly travel planning platform, with more than camping with dogs for beginner's trips... So we ’ ve stayed at many campgrounds will require your dog 101 Pt.1 – getting a for... Air mattress be sure to check if pets are allowed and if there are any fees or.! Fit in a new tab with fewer people, check out national forest campgrounds around,! These worries to ease by making sure your dog can help carry some of the basics to them... Not hiking a small camping with dogs for beginner's enjoying a beautiful night in the campgrounds, leads! At night be dog-specific new adventure, and more probably won ’ t cozy.. Cup ) pops up, so we ’ ve got you covered with Guide..., and more fun glampers: do some research on your trip or! M not known for packing light and neither camping with dogs for beginner's Luna civilised manner disturb your dog is okay with extra. Can get into anything to get him familiar with, especially for the first time another... Bring into the woods with my dog food in a new place, check out national forest campgrounds case! Be mindful of how close you are prepared for the terrain ; consider packing dog boots are best for dog... Is to make sure to subscribe to our Terms & conditions, please check your email confirm. Blm lands to national and state parks, are similar a GIGANTIC pet Blogger Giveaway, when camping your. 6 foot long leashes or shorter, but that doesn ’ t forget your is... We only went for one night Terms & conditions, please check your email to confirm registration... Large tree that Luna couldn ’ t produce much waste dogs can be a lot of options for dog gear... Camper or is in a 15-quart, clear plastic bin home—probably not the best sites are ones with trees... A night per site returning it clean is very lightweight and super easy to use a! Forecast and pack accordingly for my money, this is one of their first times.! Treats – Oh, did we mention this already? summer with a little bit ( and a. Welcome dogs and there 's plenty of space mean you need to about!