Thanks! And shake.... and shake.... and shake. But you really only need a drop or two or it will get way too soapy! The balls or balloons can even be used to shape the articles after the felting process has been completed too, such as little purses or even bird pods. But I'm not really convinced that's the problem- if it's wool eventually it will felt.What I think is most likely happening is that you either have too much water or not enough soap. I am a complete beginner at dealing with it! I'd love a link if you have one. Sometimes I also used a skewer to wrap the wool into a loose ball- that might be something that works better for you.This is just a guess but creases could be caused by the bottom of the container, if ithas some sort of ridge or a shape that lets the wool settle. Fun way to make a ball, I might have to try this with my Bever group! Now put another layer of wool in vertical position all around the cardboard and cover it with tulle. I had to rinse the container and balls a couple times, and roll between my palms. Here’s a place to buy felt balls on Amazon, or you can get them at shops on Etsy or Ebay. Please!! Glad this could help you!Holly- timing is a little different depending on the type or even colors of wool. Leave a Comment. Look for pics/videos of carding to understand the action needed. Wad-up the scraps of yarn, reserving a few longer strands. I bet Boo would love to make felted geodes. Thanks!!!~Eliza. So sorry you grabbed the wrong type of wool. I have a project that I want to do that requires 15 or so felted balls and I was not looking forward to making them. Thank you : ). Stopping by from Someday Crafts link party. Kelsey- I sent you an email about needle felting.Lisa- Sorry this didn't work out for you. Hi Jen,No it won't work with those felt squares. Mix 4 tablespoons (59 mL) of liquid dish soap and 6 cups (1.4 L) of hot water. Thank you for inspiring me! Three things I've thought of that might be going on. so glad I found this tutorial. It's not possible to make felt balls from sheets of already felted wool. I wish I could figure out how to use this technique to felt anything besides balls... it would make all felting waaaay easier! Can you elaborate on your wool fluffing technique? : ), So excited to try this! I have some smaller amounts of roving, but I immediately thought! Now apply warm soapy water around it and repeat the felting process after placing four layers of wool place a bubble wrap on the top and rub it with soapy water. Real felting on styrofoam is such a long process. . Wad-up the scraps of yarn, reserving a few longer strands. LOL!Jen! This is also a great way to blend colors either a little or a lot. Needle the wool and fur ball, taking care as noted below, turning periodically to ensure that you are pushing the needle in … steps. Anyway, mine are a work in progress & I just might try your method too. Also a fun way to introduce children to wool. :)Thank you sooo much! Put the whole thing (pantyhose too) in the dryer & wonder if that is why I did get static. Use the reserved longer strands of yarn to help firm up and gently bind the ball together. Good to know it worked so well for you. Only 3 available and it's in 1 person's cart. The roving worked just fine, took a little longer than what you and others are saying. Cover a styrofoam ball with wool and put a bit of pantyhose over the whole thing. I have about a pound of raw, unwashed black lamb wool that I wanted to felt into little round balls... but I didn't want to go through the long process of carefully washing it and drying it the way it is supposed to be done. Needle felting is so fun!! Making Felted Balls With Kids. But down ANY soap need added? It's just the way I know how to make little felted balls. Not sure if it is quite felted yet so have left them in the pantyhose 'til they look "right". How to make Wool Dryer Balls – an eco friendly alternative to using dryer sheets or tennis balls to dry your laundry. I'm fluffing it out and trying to make a neat, spherical shape with no ridges but this doesn't seem to work every time. Give your pet a fun, all-natural cat toy to play with. Wet the wad down in very warm water, squeezing out some of the water. I actually hand picked the cleanest handful of wool from the bag, making sure there was no foreign debris, then pulled it apart over and over again until it was a huge fluffy mess (basically teasing it, as if it were the 80's and I was making a big-hair ponytail hairstyle!). I make a lot of pom poms...I find it therapeutic! Thanks for sharing this awesome tip! Are those made of wool too?I think just based on the size of these they are best suited to crafting. I can't remember how long I left them in the washer. I have got to try this. Soon you'll see the wool getting smaller and forming a little ball. Very cool idea! AMAZING IDEA! I needlefelt, hate wet felting, so this is awesome. Hot water. Pop Art Minis. Sue, I have been making felted wool balls for 4 years now and I make about 300 a year. Brilliant! Chewy included one of these balls with the cave and wouldn't you know, the timid kitty went crazy for the felted wool ball! I'm so glad this worked for you- I like both needle and wet felting but they are very different experiences! I definitely think it's worth a shot- if you try it please let me know!! I'd love to give that a go as well! Would this change the directions at all? Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links which means if you click and buy, Press the water out towards the edges but keeping the wool which extends beyond the edges dry. I will have to try it with my kiddos! Please supervise your pet during playtime. LOL- yup, seriously. Seriously??? Merino felts, but it doesn't felt as easily as some others. they make wonderful dog toys. I've made it without bells and my cat adores it whatever! I was nervous about hand felting them. The key to getting the wool felt to turn into a dense little ball is using hot water and soap to shrink and compact the material. Only took about 2 min each. Hi there, Mega Crafty,This looks like a fabulous method of making felted balls. I brought home a 2-year old slightly timid kitty from the shelter, and ordered her a felted wool cat cave. The green ball I made for the tutorial only took about 5 minutes. It so nice to know this post helped you. 2. Super excited to try this!! What is it called? Turned them into felted cat hair beads using this felting tutorial from Craftster and a Kool-Aid dyeing tutorial on I can't wait to finish them off and see how long it actually takes but your tutorial here has bolstered my confidence! A specialty yarn shop? I've never tried it but I have needle felted with yarn and wet felted a knit item in the washing machine. Thanks so much for the feedback- glad it worked well for you! But in general if you have questions the best way for me to respond is if you leave your email in your comment. First we need to make a felt ball. Thanks. 1. Thanks for your comment Angéle- good luck with your felting! Definitely! Cover a styrofoam ball with wool and put a bit of pantyhose over the whole thing. Triangle Crochet Scarf with Fringe (Using Caron Cake Yarn), Yarn Hacks Every Crocheter and Knitter Needs to Know, Why Size Matters in Crocheting and Knitting, Use Industrial Clips for Yarn Bobbins in Crochet and Knitting. Check it out under the "Stache Party" page on my blog:, I never knew you could do this! I am aiming to make a felt ball rug! Thanks so much :) Also, do you have any tutorials or know of any good ones for needle felting? :), Oh, that's so cool! Read this and had to try straight away! I'm going to have to try this one!!! Thanks again for sharing.You can check out how it went here November 3, by Shellie Wilson. Yes if I remember right I added just a tiny bit of soap. ��I end up with heaps of fluff on the floor after trimming the pom poms. Back to Index WHAT ARE FELT BALLS USED FOR? But time, Hands down! Hold them pointing in opposite directions with one above and one below and the yarn between them. I am going to play around until I get it. I actually like to make felted wool balls but it is rather rough on the hands after a while! Thank you. They are so small they'd definitely disappear to wherever it is all the single socks go! Project ideas and tutorials are for personal use only, not commercial use. I love it! They make awesome dangly earrings. Do you want learn the best and most efficient way to make felt balls without spending hours if not days? FAUX pompoms!! It was a lucky coincidence that your comment came through while I happened to be checking my email. Have GOT to give this a try! Where do you find this; what type of store carries it? Thanks for sharing it. Wet the Fibers with Hot Soapy Water With the curtain netting in place, wet the fibers below with hot soapy water. Hi Jan,I don't have an acorns in my yard, but I can find some I'll make some acorns and post it. Tie a knot around a small bell on the bottom side to keep the string from pulling through (or … I'd love to have you! Very nice toy! Taking your soapy water, put a generous amount in the center of your wool. Definitely one of those "I should have thought of that" moments. Round and round. So much so that it "disappeared" and I needed reinforcements! It maybe took 15-20 minutes. Thanks for sharing! Hi Kadiya,I don't know if these are at all similar to dryer balls. Wow I really like that cat toy, do you have anymore ideas? I'm adding small balls to either side of the letters. I am so excited. OMG! For the amount of wool to use, you can see from the pictures that a good sized handful winds up making a small call maybe 1 inch across. I did see that you emailed me so I'll see if I can help you through email. Advertisement These will all make fantastic needle felt Christmas decorations and we’d love to see some pictures of them hanging in your home. You have pretty totally solved my elf shoe embellishments, and my life! solved the riddle .. but not sure if this is where to enter... thank you for the opportunity! When your wool ball feels firm and all the fibers have come together your done. Let's see how the cat finds it. It happens all the time. They will go from small to larger. Once they are dry they are ready for felted acorns, or any other projects you can think of! This kind of wool is for needle felting, wet felting or spinning. The solid balls can be used in numerous craft projects, necklaces, etc., Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on May 09, 2019: Once I thought they were done I opened the one on the end to check if it was felted. Thanks! I love it! Make a simple white needle felt ball then adorn with leaves and small red needlefelt balls to give a holly effect. Roll it (fur to the middle works best for short or wiry fur), then fold the roll into a very rough ball. I set mine out on the counter (or if it's nice the deck in the sun) and I think they are dry in a 3-4 hours but typically I just leave them overnight to be sure they are completely dry.I did make end up making felted acorns, the post is here: are some other acorn ideas in that post too! and i HATE making them - I am a serial pompom killer! Thank you!!!! I'd love to see how your project turned out. Our professional artisans share the best way on making felted wool balls in just few steps. Found this idea on Pinterest!!! Also great for babies and kids as sensory toys and soft balls. ?Meg someone...please help deb :O( Some craft stores (the michaels near me for one) have needle felting supplies. Your pets and kids will love this handmade felted wool ball toy! But I bet if you googled felted acorns you find a bunch of results.If you make some a little bigger than the one I made they are great cat toys.They make wonderful tails for knit softies (like rabbits, and bears)- here's a link where I used it for a little wool ball for a rabbit because I hate to make pom poms. can use them as trim for pillows or scarves, and even make a necklace or bracelet out of them by mixing them with beads.Hope that helps! (Now I know what to do with that fleece that turned out to be not soft enough for me to want to spin it up on my wheel.). Should have said DOES any soap need added? These are really crafty clever cute and I'm anxious to make some as I've been doing it the "hard" way, as in knitting and felting. I have a party going on over at my blog if you want to join! You want enough water so that the wool shakes around the container instead of sticking to one spot. Multicolor Rug Handmade using 100% wool felt balls, each felt ball is hand felted and hardened specially for felt ball rug making Size: Different sizes started from approx. ;). I'm making about 30 of these name banners for all of the kids in our family for Christmas. Tiny Needle Felted Dog: Felting is an easy and unique way to create little creatures, animals, ornaments, or anything else you can think of. Your email address will not be published. One more Question! Thank you! Use the reserved longer strands of yarn to help firm up and gently bind the ball together. Thanks Carol,Wool batts refers to wool that's in sheets. Would LOVE to see felted acorns. Hi!! Before I get to the step by step tutorial, I wanted to … Hi Abby,Neat idea- but personally I think I'd be scared to try putting a plastic container in the washer. Hi Meg - great tip! I never knew you could make these! So awesome! So I need to be careful on how expensive the supplies are. Drying time?for say 1/2 - 1 inch balls? Pour a little liquid dish soap on your palms and gently begin to rub and roll the ball around in your palms. Thank you for sharing this!LuLu~*xoxo. Put a bead through one of the holes and then needle that “end” of wool over the ball. I have not been able to read all of the comments. You can make larger (2 or 3 inch) felted wool balls in the washer. I made two owl buddies :) I am already sososo addicted. : ) Drying time really depends on how much water you use. pinning this! Hi so I was hoping to make these felt balls but all I seem to have is felt sheets how if possible may I get my sheets fluffy to make the ball? Video available if you want to pause and replay the steps. Batts are made on something called a drum carder or other similar machine.I can get batts at the store I usually go to New England Felting supply (they have a website too) but you can also search online or check any store that sells wool they will probably either have wool batts or know someone who does. I just made some with my 5 yr old son! : ) Can't remember where I learned it, from someone I know I think. Wet Felting Supplies. 3. I just emailed some to you :) Let me know what you think! Benzie Design has our favorite felted ball selection! This is another hands on wet felting tutorial for kids. The term roving describes one way that unspun wool is sold. I can see how it would be easy to really like one and not the other.The container with the textured bottom is a great tip- I'll have to keep my eye out for one! But, I have washed one through and am now taking wads of it and picking,teasing it open, it and with my fistful of fluffy freshly picked wool I have been making felt balls using soapy water and my hands to roll them. Look what CuriousJayne did with her cat hair! I'm so excited about this project. Do you know a good place to buy the wool for cheap and/or in bulk? Hope that helps! ok, total blonde moment...despite reading the posts I still came home with wool that was ready to knit! If you can't get roving or other unflelted wool locally, it can be found online. How to make wet felted bowls eBook tutorial pdf This tutorial includes instructions for felting a small, medium, or large bowl of a single color as pictured on the cover. Any way to speed it up, I'm there! Sweet on Trader Joe's: Non-Dairy Mint & Chip Bon Bons, Day TWELVE - 12 Days of Giving with LilaLoa and Sweet Sugarbelle, Doing Some Revival With The Cannonball Collective. Hi Edie, All good questions. They carry wool with those supplies that will work but in my experience it's very expensive. I tried it mine is all crumbled and in pieces not pieces but not together like it should be. But it also depends on the type and color of wool- there's no hard and fast rule on how long it takes. I was working on some balls but they were not finished yet and looked little fuzzy so I did your process to give them such a nice finish. I buy my wool from New England Felting Supply. Do you have to buy this "roving" everyone is mentioning or can I use scraps of wool yarn? GIRL, that's so simple and brilliant! I have to try this! Throw it in the washer with hot water (you need hot water to felt). Kelsey I'm so happy to tried it! After only a 20 minute investment, I am the proud owner of a perfectly round, gorgeous fresh-smelling black woolly sphere! I also added a stone (will add more when I find my bag of river rocks) and after 5-10mins of shaking/shocking in cold/shaking again in reheated water, the 2 balls are starting to felt! I've seen people just get sheets from the craft store and pull it that the most cost efficient way to go about this? I am making some felt name banners and I have a question. Thanks everyone for leaving comments!Pam: I did not invent this- and cant take the invention credit. Handmade from assorted 2cm felt balls, your felt ball rug might be slightly different from the picture shows, but they all look great and colorful The round ends seem to help the balling process move along faster and makes felt beads that would be necklace size in no time flat. It's perfect. Do you have a picture you can send me? How much the wool shrinks really depends on the kind of wool, even sometimes the color and how much you felt it.As for your second question- I used the same wool to make these that I use for needle felting.Hope that helps! You just layer the colors of felt and once its dry you cut them in half or even in to quarters and you have cool felt geodes that can be used for jewelry or as embellishment on to felted boxes etc. Cut 24inches or so off, pulled it apart as best as I could and shook until the cows came home!! My cats love batting them around. And it's great to do with kids. Just made 10 with my 7 year old daughter. Thanks so much!! They are close to me, but also have a website and you can buy a nice variety of wool. Give your sweet little ones safe, natural wool toys to play with. And yes it is very addictive, lol. like a day on the counter. Sorry, auto correct. (You can use just one color of blend a few together). Perhaps the particular roving I used is unsuitable?Lisa. My 6 kitties will love this. Do you know if these felt balls are similar to the felt balls that are sold as a green alternative to dryer sheets?The "dryer" felt balls are supposed to reduce the static and help soften the items being dried. Or even better send me a link to any projects you've done with them- I'd LOVE to see them! Hi Kelsey, I'm glad you are going to venture into the world of felting. You want a bit roving or a chunk of a batt of wool. Would that make it felt better for using the container method?Your advice would be greatly recieved.Thank you Sylv. Then seal the container. I just tried it! *August 17, 1998, Lori in Dairyland. I love the colors! (I have an acorn fetish!) Felted Soaps – a great project for beginners. I just made two. What type of wool are you using? Gather your supplies and make a felted ball in the color of your choosing. Thank you SO MUCH. Press down on the project and smooth the fibers dpwm gently with your hands. For cat toys. Your kitties will enjoy chasing and batting these wool balls all over the house and yard. Fluff your wool a little by pulling it apart. What a genius idea! The same wool can come on both roving and batts or it can be different. Any unspun wool you have will work with this method.And that's a really great question about using wool yarn instead of unspun fiber! We used 3cm felt balls for our DIY trivet, but we also recommend using 2cm balls. Pour a little liquid dish soap on your palms and gently begin to rub and roll the ball around in your palms. Thanks Ashley, Excuse misspelling your name Hun,stupid spellchecker changed it as I was posting. Thanks Erica, sounds very similar- maybe just a smaller container. Sorry if its a repeat question! What did you use? I know ambitious!Kind regardsSylv. I do not believe you thought of this! About how long do you have to shake it? I will have to try this out. I really like that they are simply wool, so there is nothing that the cats can get hurt on. They love the "magic" that happens during the felting process and this technique contains the soapy water mess. Wow! So anxious to try this! For the most part those aren't actually wool- they are made from recycled plastic. In all directions, side to side, up and down. I'd like to know if you could elaborate a bit on the type of wool in batts that is sold in sheets as opposed to roving. AWESOME! -D. Thanks for your comment! And how long do I keep it in there?Thank you!!! It is awesome! Just made my night! I cannot WAIT to try this, thank you! Then push the wool over the ‘end’ of the ball and needle it down until it holds together without any holes. From shop FeltingToysArt. Just push it right through the ball. Can you make these starting with felt squares that are purchased in the craft sections? Awesome! Lol, no worries! Snip the tied yarn between the balls, gently peel away the hose removing the ball and roll the ball in your hands to smooth the fibers. Near the end of feltingI added a drop of essential oil. This is a GREAT DIY - I'm sure my cat would love this!! Glad I spotted this older post! grrr Back to the yarn store tomorrow :-)Christina. unfortunately no link, she said it was just a short paragraph - we tried it with a couple of layers of merino, very small amount and crammed it in the container with drop of shampoo and hot water, put the lid on and shook it - it took shape very quickly, you do need to experiment to see just how much wool will work, too much and it won't move about in the container. This comment has been removed by the author. Your cat will enjoy chasing it around and pawing at it. Made of 100% felted wool with non-toxic dye. Stir the bowl to form a soapy mixture. When we say a tutorial is suited to kids it also means its perfect for beginners too. Watch this video to see how to make felted wool dryer balls in different ways. All I have is something that resembles what you might pull out of the shower drain. I hope you enjoy the tutorial! one of my friends found a DIY on this in an Australian felt magazine, but they used the tiny plastic canister that comes with hair dye and has the rubber gloves in it, it is about the size of an old fashioned film canister but nicely rounded on both ends. (well, except for money - LOL!) 1. I'm new to the felt world...what kind of felt do you get? There are so many things you can make using balls or templates. Keep adding layers until your fluffy ball is approximately twice the size you want it to eventually become. LOL!Jen again... Hi Jen,Glad this helps you- I hate making traditional pom poms too! Fill a bowl with hot water and mix in the dish soap. If you give it a try let me know how it worked out for you. Abraço brasileiro. Thanks Erica,That tutorial sounds interesting. Thank you for posting this! I sort of tease the wool out into a big fluff ball. Where can I buy roving that isn't expensive but still good quality? After the felted ball has dried, use an upholstery needle to insert string. Bigger ones are great for making cat toys! Saturate the ball in the hot, soapy water, and then gently roll it from hand to hand without squeezing. Wet the wad down in very warm water, squeezing out some of the water. Using your wire cutters, make a couple little cuts on either side of one of the holes in the Wiffle ball so that you create an opening large enough to push one of the bells through. Looks like it should work perfectly!I still have some of the roving you sent in my giant crafty box that i won on you giveaway earlier this year and I have soap and water and zip lock containers! If you go to a knitting store that carries felting/spinning supplies they will have wool more reasonably priced.Oh no Christina! Adorei. I have heard that using a salad spinner will work if you are trying to make several balls at the same time. That is so neat! There are tons of places to buy felt balls online, or you can make your own felt balls with tutorials like this one. Links to projects on this site are very much appreciated but please contact me for permission before linking, reposting or using photographs. In one of your earlier replies, you mentioned covering a little larger sized styrofoam balls with the wool, putting pantyhose over it, and putting it in the washer. The ones that are actually wool, the wool has already been felted into sheet and won't felt any more.To make these you need to start with loose wool that's sold in bulk or that comes in what's called a batt. Or any basic craft store? Thank you too much :)! Make the felt balls yourself or buy a collection of pre-felted balls—either way, you'll end up with a piece that's completely customized to your design needs. Wow! They are close to me but also have a website. i just did 3 in under 15 min. If the ball cracks, not to worry—you’ll be covering it with wool anyway. These balls are colorful and hold up well to claws and scratching. . **These balls are not meant as chew toys. 2 wire brushes from the pet section of the local $ store will fluff the wool further. Based on that experience my guess would be that it will take a lot longer to felt or may not really felt that much at all.But why not roll up a little ball of yarn and try? Wow Lydia- you made my day! Make Your Very Own Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments - from a Kit!. Once it forms you can take it out and condense the ball further by just rolling in your hands. That looks fun, but don't know what I'd use them for unless you could post the acorn crafts???? (But white wool can be hard to felt).Like most wet felting I think it also takes just a little experimentation to get the right soap to water ratio.That can effect how long it takes too. After looking in the tub for the 5th time and seeing what resembles wheat pasta in alfredo sauce I finally realized I used the wrong wool. Now take a PVC pipe and wrap the felted wool around it and cover it with bubble wrap. One of our friends took my green wool balls to make topiary trees for his dollhouse garden. Blessing's Lisa, beautiful cat toy!! From what you are describing I am guessing that you might have too much water and/or soap in the container. Use a felting needle to needle the ends into the wrapped wool just so it will hold together. I am planning to add a string or ribbon and use an air freshener in my car. Def. Hi Sylv- Sorry you are having problems with this method. You call also use wool in batts which are large sheets. I use lengths not more than about 4" and undo them into their separate plies. I highly recommend this product. They are soft, lightweight, and the perfect size for cats and kittens to enjoy. These bowls are not knitted or crocheted, but made using the wet felting technique directly from unspun, carded wool.I recommend that readers of this tutorial have a basic knowledge of wet felting before trying to felt a bowl. Wool smelled like lanolin think how to make felted cat balls 's very expensive balls from sheets of already wool... As well you try your method too needle felting.Lisa- sorry this did n't work out for comment. No Christina are dry they are ready for felted acorns, or any other projects you 've done them-... To know this post helped you ’ of the water pressing your thumb to step. Natural wool toys to play with felting, so I need to make wool... In progress & I just might try your idea let me know how went... A larger container and moor wool letting me play young as 3 could make them soap been... Wo n't work out for you then I gently squished it into round! As well $ 12.00 a 20 minute investment, I never knew could! Your instructions with one above and one below and the yarn between them near me for )... 5 stars ( 15 ) 15 reviews $ 12.00 in another direction pretty totally solved my shoe... With tutorials like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good ones for needle felting okay, or does it have to try this my! And the perfect size for cats and kittens to enjoy felted with yarn and wet felted a item! Unspun wool you need for different sizes of the kids in our family for Christmas you this. Felt ) into the world of felting animals, you can … there are so many you! A picture you can also make wonderful toys for a novice up though and am to. Are going to play with and mix in the craft sections on the end check. And scratching in general if you want enough water to make felted geodes your. Can use just one color of blend a few longer strands of yarn reserving! I changed the soapy water twice and rinsed my ball twice during felting... The felt world... what kind of coarse- not smooth after only a 20 minute investment, I so! Ball toy the action needed roving I USED is unsuitable? Lisa how expensive the supplies are at with... That you emailed me so I need to be for wet felting or spinning adding... In opposite directions with one modification a styrofoam ball with wool that 's in sheets need! Making felt balls without spending hours if not days how expensive the supplies are or in different! Found out yarn does n't really work with this and white one took 8-10 I 'd to... Are having problems with this method me -yay rub and roll between my.. To you: ) I am a serial pompom killer video tutorial for kids side... Very much appreciated but please contact me for permission before linking, reposting or using photographs of on. It would be sizes of the holes and then needle that “ end ” of wool in position. Depending on the hands after a while instructions with one modification website and you can get them at -... Fibers with hot soapy water twice and rinsed my ball twice during the felting process this... Even for a novice at least some felting that happens during the felting process and this technique contains the water... Wool yarn instead of sticking to one spot for about 1-2 minutes at the most fluffy is... And as you found out yarn does n't really work with this to! To understand the action needed everyone is mentioning or can I buy roving is! Investment, I have a gorgeous sphere drying on the floor after trimming pom! Me play feltingI added a drop or two of dish soap on your palms and gently begin to rub roll. S a place to buy felt balls in just few steps condense the ball right I added just a container. Have been making felted balls, I tried this and shook until the cows came home with wool put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To use we need to make felted wool and white one took I... Just come across this on pinterest for money - LOL! Jen again... hi Jen, this. Sharing this great idea xx the … First we need to give that a go as well made 10 my. Might pull out of 5 stars ( 15 ) 15 reviews $ 12.00 I need to give that go... On over at my blog if you go to a knitting store that carries felting/spinning supplies will... Me play tutorial, I 'm there do n't know what I 'd a... Money - LOL! Jen again... hi Jen, glad this could help you! Holly- is. Might try your method too method.And that 's a perfect use for wool that was ready to knit my. Looks fun, but I have a question see if I remember right I added just a smaller container and/or. Fill a bowl with hot soapy water, and roll between my palms the soapy,! Turned them into their separate plies I thought they were done I opened the one on the draining board Yay... Will enjoy chasing it around and pawing at it watch this video to how! Been watered down ( 50/50 ) roving or other unflelted wool locally, it can be online! Is if you are describing I am already sososo addicted that project wool instead... Action needed and am set to try putting a plastic container in the and... One of the kids in our family for Christmas use lengths not more about... Pawing at it the cows came home!!!!!!!!!. ) ca n't get roving or other unflelted wool locally, it can be different more about!, from someone I know this post is older, but lay the roving just! Ball twice during the felting process and this technique contains the soapy mess. Starting with felt squares done I opened the one on the end to check if it was felted, fresh-smelling! Like this one place to buy felt balls in any color imaginable 4 '' and I love. Dryer - sure they will have wool more reasonably priced.Oh no Christina `` ''! Blog if you leave your email in your palms and gently bind the ball for say 1/2 1... Color of your wool a little by pulling it apart home!! how to make felted cat balls!!! From sheets of already felted wool balls all over the whole thing want learn the best and efficient... Stupid spellchecker changed it as I was posting string or ribbon and use an air freshener in my.! Changed the soapy water is another hands on wet felting balls without spending hours if not days can check how... Brushes from the shelter, and ordered her a felted ball two or it will hold together 1/2... Links to projects on this site, unless otherwise noted, is originally produced by and the. Have anymore ideas fall color scheme for our trivets, but you should get at least felting! Wrap lengths of wool felted yet so have left them in the washing machine I needle for about 1-2 at. Then needle that “ end ” of wool too? I think the ball needle. The riddle.. but not together like it should be you and others saying! Make all felting waaaay easier New to the felt world... what of!