Go to Solution. Every polyline is on the same plan as the line I want to extend/trim them to. Simple lines are ok and it works as well when I explode polylines. She never met that trouble when using AutoCAD for 2D architectural purpose. Thanks for the help! Can’t edit text with the double click. But then you want to trim some of the objects out of the viewport that are cluttering up what you … I'm using AutoCAD for years now (I have been teaching). One of my students cannot use trim or extend anymore with polylines, rectangles, circles, etc. Then, you can simpl… About the drawing, nothing is wrong about it: I asked the student to send it to me and I get no error. Trim not trimming back to selected trim boundary I generally work with my units set to 1/256 of an inch, so when I trim a line back to another line, and they don't create a closed boundary, it causes a problem when importing the drawings into a CNC router. As you probably know, MText has the ability to create number lists of selected paragraphs within the editor. This is not an official translation and may contain errors and inaccurate translations. There is no drawing. I don't know how the ellipse became a spline, i must have made something. You might try command _BREAK and show the two intersection points as first and second point. But you can affect how that works [which under certain circumstances might affect whether anything happens] with the Project option -- read up on it in Help if the objects involved are in different UCS's, or perhaps in the same one but at different elevations. Type TR in the command line & press enter or users can take command from modify toolbar as shown in pic-1. Likes gladly accepted. That's not the issue [at least not by itself], either. Simply use the command CONVERTPOLY (and using  the "Light" option) to change them to the "new" style of pline. Ask the community or share your knowledge. I unchecked it but the results are still the same. Then select the objects that you want to trim. By - January 28, 2021. If the object type says "2D Polyline", then you have an "old fashioned" polyline in the drawing. You select them, press delete, move, mirror, etc the objects still stay.You select the objects, the layer toolbar still showing current layer.And after you select objects, the properties palette may still showing no selection.. The following prompts are displayed. I think it's a software bug. If the hatch was already associated with the original boundary (i.e. Here we just have to show bigger distance than the actual gap. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Imad Habash (ACA,ACP) Please mark Accept as Solution if your question is answered. My autocad is acting weird. Do one or more of the following: Avoid the